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kids karate classes in Kingston or Red Hook, NY

Learning a traditional karate is good for kids. Along with discipline and social skills we strongly gear our training towards what we call "1-pointed" attentiveness. This is a focus on empowering students to truly develop their ears and eyes to capture the skills and lessons being shared. We believe this is a learned skill. Interestingly enough karate is one of the few activities where discipline is perceived as cool by our younger participants. That's why Peaceful Warrior Karate offers kids karate classes in Kingston and Red Hook, NY. We accept students from the ages of 3 - 5 for our pee wee classes, this age specific program has the perfect combination of fun, athleticism and traditional martial arts appropriate for this age group. Your pint-sized athletes will gain a foundation for the sport through play-based training. They may not even notice that they're learning the building blocks of a martial arts because they're having so much fun.

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Cultivating life skills

Our kids karate classes combine learning and play to teach kids valuable life skills. Your child can develop their focus, movement skills, social skills and gross motor skills, all while playing games. There's no wrong time to teach your kids that learning and fitness are fun.

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