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Private karate classes in Kingston or Red Hook, NY

In the beginning traditional martial arts was only taught on a one-to-one basis. Often, from father to son or down the line through a means of direct lineage. That tradition rings true at Peaceful Warrior Karate. The best way to learn traditional Tenshinkan karate is the same way that Shihon Jonathan learned from his Kancho in Japan with special training also refered to as one-on-one training. The instructor at Peaceful Warrior Karate in Kingston and Red Hook, NY is happy to help you grow as an athlete.

Call today to learn directly from Shihon Jonthan Winstreal, Japan's 2001 World Kartae Champion.

Reap the benefits of one-on-one instruction

If you're ready to expand your karate skills, personal karate training at our Kingston or Red Hook, NY location may be right for you. This type of instruction can help you:

Focus on specific skills you want to develop
Explore advanced techniques when you're ready
Take away the pressure of group classes

You will train with Shihon Jonathan Winstreal, who has directly trained under Kancho Miwa and is the 2001 Karate World Champion. He's even been named the chief instructor of karate in the nation, representing Japan for the Tenshinkan style. Meet our instructor for private karate classes today.

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